They’re everywhere.

Sometimes it’s a new cell number on a business card, sometimes it’s customizing that brochure for the third time this month. These little tasks stop you from doing what you should be doing – focusing on the long-term, strategic objectives that help grow business.

But worry no longer. L&R understands your challenges and can help you meet them more efficiently.

We offer the service-powered technology tailored to meet the demanding challenges you face every day – saving you time, money and preserving your precious brand integrity.

You’ve been there before. You’re trying to get out that last-minute proposal when a project manager comes through with a MUST DO update. The catch… you’ll need photos from a project that was archived four years ago.

L&R’s Curator can help thwart that time bandit. Curator is a web-based platform that enables enterprise-users to search, share, and reuse photos, videos and other files; all pulled from a powerful centrally-managed library. Say goodbye to tracking down those assets in archived disks and drives and start using the tool that puts them at your fingertips 24/7.

Plus, L&R can even help manage the collection and curation of those assets for you. Now that’s Service-Powered Tech that will save you time today AND tomorrow!

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SideKick allows users to customize and order or download their own collateral material.

HR needs business cards for the new employees. Your sales team needs more of those brochures for the trade show next week. Oh, and Kevin is still waiting on that email blast to be customized…

If only there were a faster way to tackle these little time bandits. Well sleep peacefully tonight, as your SideKick has arrived. SideKick is L&R’s marketing collateral management platform that offers everything from 24/7 accessibility of marketing collateral to VDP customization options, allowing your stakeholders to update anything from photography to address labels.

Print or digital. 24/7. Now your stakeholders can get what they need, when they need it, without needing all your time. Plus, you maintain 100% control of your brand standards – which means you don’t have to worry about those time bandits sneaking off and vandalizing your beautiful branding work.

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Perhaps the most notorious Time Bandit… the Procrasti-Needer waits in the shadows, busy toiling away with other priorities until suddenly they pounce. Usually when you’re at your busiest. They mean no harm and usually have a simple request, but how on earth will you find time to call the vendor, process the order, do the paperwork, get it shipped to their hotel… Ay Yi Yi!

The truth is, marketing teams are leaner than ever. But the need for great Fulfillment and Project Management remains the same. L&R’s project management professionals can manage and warehouse your marketing collateral, tradeshow booths, promotional items, direct mail pieces and more.

Our service obsessed PM gurus will do everything in our power to ensure your materials arrive on time.

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L&R's state-of-the-art digital presses can produce upto 18,400 8.5”x11” 4-color images per hour, and 118,800 8.5”x11” monochrome images per hour.
We deliver fast project turnarounds with the ability to perform complex kitting and fulfillment.
We are strategically located in Nashville to provide the efficiencies of a single location with overnight delivery to anywhere in the U.S. using a FedEx pickup as late as 8:00 PM CST.

Did we mention we can help with proposal production, custom printing and a number of other fulfillment needs marketing departments typically have?

Well, we absolutely can!

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Connect with our Communications Services team today, and let us help you defeat the time bandits, for good.