What Makes Curator Different From Other Cloud Storage Solutions?

In the ever-changing world of online technology and storage options, you may be wondering, what makes one cloud better than another?

That all depends on your needs, of course. While many options like Dropbox, ShareFile and Google Drive offer lots of tools to help you store and share your online assets, they aren’t really built to function as a best practice replacement for a true Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that is designed specifically to help marketing, creative and communications teams get more done with less.

What features differentiate cloud-storage from a true Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, like L&R's Curator?

L&R’s Curator
Cloud Storage
Sharing Assets
Provide granular user permissions
Share assets securely with internal and external users
“Instant-message” alerting and conversation threads
Branded portals for internal or external users/groups
Dynamically transcode video files for distribution
Asset Storage/Management
Batch upload/download of assets
Search by metadata and properties
Saved searches for quick access
Hide/reveal metadata fields
Workflow Improvements
Built-in workflow approval tools
Native integration with Popular CMS (WordPress/Drupal)
Batch resize or reformat assets on demand
Preview, crop and resize assets in your browser

Asset Manipulation

DAMs provide your team with the ability to resize, crop, and export/share assets without the reliance on 3rd party photo-editors like Photoshop. This can save your business tremendous costs annually by reducing the need for expensive image manipulation software licenses, and expand the ability for all staff, not just those that know Photoshop, to prep and export assets for vendors, clients and other partners.

Securely Share Assets

Sometimes all you need to do is send a quick file. Attaching to email or sending a download link from a cloud-storage service works great, but what about those times you need to provide more frequent access to assets. A DAM solution like Curator, comes equipped with the tools to provide granular permissions for assets, create web-links to share single or bulk assets, and even create branded portals for internal or external user groups to access the assets they need directly, and on-demand without adding another task to your to do list.

Intelligent Document Search and Organization

DAMs allow you to bulk upload assets and edit their metadata quickly and easily. This metadata is searchable within the DAM, making it instantly easier and faster to find that hidden campaign asset from last year without digging through extensive folder structures and archived drives.

Integrate With Your Favorite Software

A DAM solution like Curator offers advanced functionality beyond typical cloud-storage by integrating directly with your favorite 3rd party software and online services. For example, you can connect Curator directly to your Drupal or WordPress-based website, or your favorite design software like Adobe Photoshop, speeding up and optimizing your workflows.

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